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About Dr. Kenneth Matsumura, Medical Director,
Alin Foundation,
Berkeley, CA USA

Dr. Matsumura developed Side-Effect-free Chemo® with committed colleagues at the Alin Foundation in Berkeley, CA over 25 years.

Dr. Matsumura is a world-renowned scientist.  He developed the HeartAlarm® Wristwatch that gives advanced warning against heart attacks, invented the bio-artificial liver, and invented the artificial pancreas which in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, NASA invited onto the Space Shuttle.  His bio-artificial liver is listed in several international websites as one of the top ten inventions of the past decade, along with YouTube® and iPaD®  His bio-artificial liver was honored by TIME magazine as an Invention of the Year in 2001.

A graduate of the University of California Medical School in
San Francisco (1970), he is a member of the American Medical Association and numerous scientific societies.  Details of all his breakthrough medical inventions can be found at

Dr. Matsumura discovered the breakthrough drug that eliminates serious side effects of cancer chemotherapy.  By also protecting the immune system from destruction during chemotherapy, his new therapy makes ordinary cancer drugs into powerful agents that have saved consecutive terminal patients at the start of Phase II clinical trials.

His new therapy has also been found to be effective with all kinds of cancer from breast, lung cancer, colon and pancreas to leukemia.

An idealist at heart, Dr. Matsumura also tends to the poor in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In 2006, he played a key role making California's minimum wage the highest in the world.  Today, he dedicates himself to a world without poverty, volunteering his time at local low-income clinics.  He's also highly involved with social justice programs and other charitable work.

Powerful Therapy Comes of Age

Dr.  Matsumura and his colleagues at the Alin Foundation announced in April 2010 the historic achievement of saving all the initial terminal cancer patients treated in 2006.  The longest survivor is a breast cancer patient with liver metastasis who remains without cancer nine years later.  Conventional chemotherapy considers such stage 4 not curable.  Other patients who went into long term remissions had lung cancer and leukemia.  Lung cancer patients with today's conventional chemotherapy still die under a year.  The chance of such dramatic and consistent results happening without this new therapy is calculated at one in a trillion.

Side Effect-Free Chemotherapy®, as the new therapy is called, has continued to deliver stunning achievements since.

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Dr. Ken Matsumura

Today, large pharmaceutical companies have created a regulatory and marketing environment in which only billion dollar companies can hope to bring out a breakthrough medicine.  The story of how SEF Chemo® was developed outside this environment by a small but innovative Berkeley foundation is a tale of courage, high-risk taking, and of overcoming impossible odds.

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