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For some time, a definitive cure for cancer has been just out of reach.  Researchers and clinicians know that existing cancer agents could be used to cure cancer if only they were not so toxic to normal tissues.  It is impossible to administer cancer medications in doses high enough to eradicate every cancer cell in the body, because at such high doses, the side effects are fatal.  All too frequently, the few remaining cancer cells spread to other areas of the body, and kill the patient.

Cancer medications have side effects because their effects are not limited to cancer cells.  The cancer agents kill any cells that are dividing quickly, especially cells in the bone marrow and the gastrointestinal tract.  The damage to normal tissue leads to the familiar side effects of chemotherapy: Loss of hair is a common side effect.  Destruction of marrow cells leads to reduction in the number of circulating white blood cells, and increased susceptibility to infections.  Damage to the lining of the stomach and intestine causes nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Efforts to mitigate the effects of chemotherapy have focused on methods of delivering medications exclusively to cancer cells, but without success.  Dr. Matsumura's research took the opposite approach: He looked for a way to selectively protect normal cells from damage by cancer medications.  For most cancer medications, there are antidotes which neutralize the toxic effects.  Most of these antidotes are already FDA-approved.

Using old FDA-approved antidotes to chemotherapy drugs, Doctor Kenneth Matsumura developed a new strategy in their use that eliminates all the dosage-limiting side effects of cancer drugs.  The new therapy called Side Effect-Free Chemotherapy® (SEF (pronounced “Safe”) Chemo® for short) has achieved strong responses in cancer of the lungs, breasts, colon, prostate, pancreas, and melanoma, as well as in cancers that conventional chemotherapy has limited use in, such as soft tissue sarcoma and hepatocellular carcinoma.

It is now possible to treat breast and other cancers without patients losing all their hair.

Without horrible diarrhea and vomiting, and without destroying blood-making marrow, it is now possible to safely and humanely intensify the dosage of chemotherapy thereby eradicating cancer more thoroughly.  The longest survivor of SEF Chemo® has already gone nine years without recurrence.

In SEF Chemo® patients are treated with conventional chemo agents while simultaneously also with antidotes to such chemo agents in such a way as to shield normal dividing cells in the body from harmful effects of chemo agents.

The new therapy technically referred to as Neutrophil-Potentiated Chemotherapy® requires that chemotherapy itself meet higher quality standards than practiced even at world-class cancer centers.  Because patients and tumors under treatment with SEF Chemo® respond quite differently than from conventional chemotherapy, ordinary oncologists are unable to practice Neutrophil-Potentiated Chemotherapy.  More and more doctors and nurses are being trained in the new technique to enable more patients to be able to benefit from the new therapy.  Cancer treatment centers staffed with qualified doctors and nurses are certified as a Berkeley Institute.  Such a certification requires rigorous quality controls, holistic and supportive atmosphere, and access to Information Resource specialists who can guide patients under treatment to fully informed therapeutic experience.  Several Berkeley Institutes are already in operation in North America.

Side Effect-free Chemo® is designed not only to minimize toxicity, but also to make chemotherapy more powerful in the following way.  Usually, only a fraction of cells in a tumor is directly and immediately killed by chemotherapy.  Many more cells are damaged without being killed.  These damaged cancer cells can repair themselves, continue to multiply, and kill the patient, unless they are located and dissolved by white blood cells called neutrophils in the patient's body.

There is a well-known process called the Neutrophil Cascade in which one type of neutrophil cells circulate in the body looking for and marking sick and damaged cells in the body and other types of neutrophil cells lyse (dissolve) sick cells marked by the first type of neutrophil cells.  It is a mechanism evolved by organisms to get rid of sick and ageing cells in the body.

Ordinary chemotherapy, however, destroys neutrophil cells in the marrow so that the only cancer cells that get killed by ordinary chemotherapy are those directly and lethally hit.  Cancer cells that are merely damaged by chemotherapy survive and end up eventually killing the patient.  The new therapy solves that problem by protecting neutrophil cells, thereby assuring that there are enough neutrophil cells to identify and dissolve damaged cancer cells and, in that way, the patient's own immune system amplifies the effect of chemo agents.

Where conventional chemotherapy may kill only 60% of cancer cells in the body, Side Effect-Free, Neutrophil-Potentiated Chemotherapy® using a side effect-removing medicament may kill 95% of cancer cells.  For this reason, tumors quickly shrink over weeks under Side Effect-Free Chemotherapy® compared to the months conventional chemotherapy takes.

Bone marrow suppression is the side effect which most often prevents the use of higher doses of chemotherapy drugs.  The new toxicity-reducing strategy reduces the toxic effects of cancer drugs on the bone marrow cells and the gastrointestinal cells.  Since the destruction of the bone marrow is what keeps physicians from using higher doses of any cancer drug, the new side effect-reducing strategy is intended to allow the use of higher doses of cancer agents that can eradicate cancer more thoroughly.

Although clinical experience with this therapy is still considered developmental, the extremely high response rates and results showing the therapy's ability to destroy numerous cancer types with substantially reduced side effects show conclusively that SEF Chemo® is proven statistically to be far superior to conventional chemotherapy.  Treatment centers outside North America, in Europe, Africa, and Austro-Asia are deemed a foregone conclusion soon.

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