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Previous Results

The results on patients undergoing Side Effect-free Chemotherapy® are nothing short of stunning.  One oncologist who regularly refers patients to us remarked that he knows of no other place in the world where achievements such as ours are being made. 

Results are still early but we are getting response on virtually every patient we treat (compare that to response rate of 5% by conventional chemotherapy on the types of patients we are treating).  If we begin treatment while the volume of cancer cells in a patient is still limited (as versus advanced late stage 4s), we are achieving clinical remissions consistently.  By clinical remission we mean that when we use imaging studies with x-rays, MRIs, or ultrasound we cannot find any trace of cancer. 

Cancer types showing strong response to SEF Chemo® include melanoma and soft tissue sarcoma which are often not treatable by conventional chemotherapy.  Other types of cancer we treat are: non-small cell lung, breast, pancreatic, colon, and prostate, which comprise substantially most of the cancers that plague human kind today. 

Our longest survivor is a 64 years old lobular carcinoma breast cancer patient who was in early stage 4 with liver metastasis when treated.  Nine years later, she remains cancer-free.  Oncologists usually consider such patients not curable and offer only palliative” therapy. 

Another remarkable response that can be characterized as historic was a 59 years old female breast cancer patient with a liver full of hundreds of metastases who underwent weekly therapy with Side Effect-free Chemo®.  After only a few cycles, the CT X-ray showed her liver with multiple holes where liver metastases had once been.  Side Effect-free Chemotherapy® protected all classes of white blood neutrophil cells so that rather than chemotherapy slowly shrinking tumors such as in conventional chemotherapy, neutrophils liquefied all the cancer cells damaged by chemotherapy.  The radiologist had never seen anything like it.

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